Page n Brin n Jobs n Sin

Page n Brin n Jobs n Sin

Power at first is rarely the goal. It is the assault of ideas that drags you along. The drowning  in imaginings. How did that happen? Try it that way! What’s the worst that can happen if? Power is the murderer.

Like all assaults it is unexpected, unless of course you go out looking for a fight. Generally assaults on the system are not systemic. They are gradual and exciting like foreplay. At first you feel the tingle then the tension, a twist and turn away from, a denial that you’re  enjoying it.
lust it attracts power
Holding back from the sensation delaying the relief makes it feel more explosive and expansive. Power does this to you. At the point of submerge power takes the reins and it is all rollercoaster from there on in. The breath is taken from you. Slowly someone usually a clever accountant steps in and gives you an oxygen tank.
The orgasmic state has little in comparison to power. Wild and liberating it keeps you floating on air.
Power  not being the end in itself takes a sycophant by surprise. The experiment becomes the control. Control sharpens the edge of the periphery, it feels good suddenly you senses are crying out for more. Vibrations are constant. What next?
This game has now become bigger than the rules. The rules change. More and more the cry is loud oh God more sustaining this constancy blinds power.

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