Scum Drumm Rises

Scum rises
Why does scum rise?
Sitting in a bath having a wash is considered a courtesy to your body. As you wash you remove dead skin and dirt and sweat. A superficial layer of dermis acknowledges this cleansing by letting go and rising to the surface.
conflict of real interest
Scum. The scum hovers around the midriff. It is drawn toward the pulsating energy of the core. When this pushes it away it clings to the side of the bath. When you stand up and rinse yourself it still tries to hold on. Eventually letting go it still tries to hold on for dear life to the side of the plughole. The pressure of the water forces it down and out.
A good wash and scrub with a cloth will remove any left . Down it goes into system and the veins of the underworld.
The scum of the earth we cannot see. It rises through a mixture of cleansings. Firstly it is educated. It may feel a chip on its shoulder. Despises the refined. Hates the honest hardworking sensibilities of gentility. Misguided it aims to be educated to attain this disposition. Education and vulgarity do not mix. But in the scum’s world it does. Education is their host they are the Sturmia Bella. The scum misinterpret philosophy and ethics as a wasters game. These subjects are for the hollow hallowed men of leisure.

Scum does not understand the nature of thinking of the whole only the i. Their world becomes removed from others. Scum rises. And as it does it clings to the controlling centre of the system. You see scum is light. It floats to the surface it is superficial. It has no innate depth of cohesion, in fact the scum of the earth is oblivious to any form of insult or depth of thought. It floats to the side when the underbelly of the system catches and tries to wash it away. It senses eradication but as it is shallow and floats, everything like morality, consideration, thoughtfulness, general concern for other human beings make it oblivious until the plug is pulled.

To rid the earth of this scum is facile. There will always be scum of the earth, they float on pillars of ivy, ornamental roses, roundabouts on drives and coarseness. In the systems veins their life rafts are lawyers, accountants, public representatives, champagne fuelled parties in houses they were far from reared.

They are posh and full of subtle vulgarity. But the life raftes, another form of loop holed system users, carry them bobbing along, support their endless cry of more more and fuckem-US.

It would take a tsunami to dispense with them but even then more will rise.  They are everywhere look for manipulation,defensiveness, humour, all engrossing naivety. Scums your only man when you want to get down and dirty.

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