Life is a fuck up keep your opinions to your fuckingself: now listen to me

Author maureen moran


Apart from being the most nihilistic, negative, pointless thing a person can do with themselves, have you any idea the devastation suicide causes to those left behind? The pain never goes away.

Who cut that guy down and saw his eyeballs popping out of his head, his tongue hanging, twisted from his mouth, the spittle still drooling down his chin onto the clean shirt his wife had given him to wear that morning? Who cleaned up the shit in his pants so that his family and friends wouldn’t be sickened by him? Who cleaned up all the other more difficult messes he left behind? Did his family lose their home to pay his debts and have to go and live with the grandparents?

Just this week  here for the funeral of his brother who committed suicide. The pain all around is palpable.  can’t sleep, can’t eat can’t see the point of going on. But he must go on.

Do you want your children to read the stuff you just put up on your website? And your grandchildren?

You gave them life why do you want to even suggest

they might now like to snuff it out? And after all the effort you put into rearing them and what they have put in to make a life for themselves and their children?

We are all doing our best to keep ourselves going, to make the most of the hand we have been dealt, be it good  or bad. Nearly everybody in the world is. We need to support each other, not encourage each other to  run away from life.

As you know my father died of Motor Neurone disease, bodily functions all gave up, leaving the mind perfect. The cruelty of it! The irony of it for a who was given too using the throw-away phrase ‘May the Lord leave us our senses’. It  was horrible. Although it was a lesson I would rather have learned easier, it taught me that no matter what, there can be peace in the end if not before.  And it’s worth going on to get to that peace. I think it’s the whole point of life.

I have seen too many suicides in my time to be anything but utterly convinced that it is awful. not glamorous, not creative, not beautiful or even interesting, just shitty, dirty and small, miserable, defeatist and lonely.

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