Late and dark enter with your Pearl


Devine Defender

ζKeres  Deaths Carousel
Swings and woundabouts hearts slave to life
Death cruel saviour drips venom filled tears with
question marks
lying in wait, knocking blindly at the armature
wire, filled with turgid fillers, stuffed to the gills
where no one can investigate
congealed  encased opiates of pain, a
chasm bubbles
sloe burning  on the branch when mo came and


Animation:This is how it happens Alchemy

Building Animation Objects for Animation Workshop

While you can create sophisticated banners and other complex animations using Alchemy Mindworks’ Animation Workshop – and nothing else – adding animated objects to Animation Workshop will unquestionably drop it into hyperspace. Alchemy Mindworks offers a suite of inexpensive, easy-to-master tools to build animations.

Animation Workshop will import animations from a number of popular formats. The two you’re most likely to get involved with are GIF and MNG. While conceptually similar, it’s important to understand the distinction between them.