The Sewerage Series is based on the human septic tank. The filtration system of this organism is negligible. Both oral and anal work in equal effluent measure they are toxic and lethal.

Seduction and all words associated with it are its primary manipulation for survival for instance: fecundity, mortality, reproduction, money, beguile, tempt, control and exert these are enough to keep the septic tank functioning


Seamus Heaney says:  ‘…I think childhood is, generally speaking, a preparation for disappointment.’

1 Seduction

Financial Times

This work is capturing the view from within the pinkness

The alternating pages scrubbed of text with glue

Mixing and corroding the world dim hue

Of what it feels like to be sold out

The happiness rec tum tangle of pleasantness

Where to capitalise is a sure fire way to burn the lot

And even salt can’t put it out

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drowningINdriveldrowningINdriveldrowningINdrivelburied alivedrowningINdrivel


drowningINdriveldrowningINdrivelfinancial slimefinancial slimedrowningINdrivel